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H.E.T - We provide you a warm world.

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Carbon fiber heating film,carbon fiber heating element

Author:Ben Date:2012-12-28 15:54:21
A carbon fiber heating film now is becoming more popular for heat up applications

and it is used to various heaters like convection heater,glass heater and mirror heater and so on.

Heat Expert Technology(HET) is focusing on high quality carbon fiber heating film development and design

and with their own R&D teams,HET is leading the whole carbon fiber heating film industry to a high level now.

Carbon granule is a new technology and with this technology,the heater will have an exceptionally uniform

heat output and its flexiblity allows the heating film works perfectly with high heat transfer efficiency.

Meanwhile,its far infrared ridation has a very good physial therapy effect as well which had 

been certificated by 3rd inspection party and HET proudly to say that we have got those certification.

Dimension can be designed according to customer's requirement but no bigger than 1000*1200mm;

Temperature can be designed upon customer's application as well but no higher than 140degC;

Its life time is about 100,000hours and pls contact us for more information.