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High temperature toughen glass heater

Author:Ben Date:2012-11-29 13:51:54
 Glass heater for foot massager

High temperature resistant toughen glass covered with a carbon fiber heating film.

1. technology:

With an advantaged carbon fiber heating film,a kind of new-type,flexible,thin and infrared radiant electric heating element,will give human body a physical therapy effect with its wavelength of the infrared radiation,4~14um,as so-calle "sunshine lifebolld".


2. Cool design:

Good quality toughen glass with amazing high temperature resistant enamels;


3. energy efficinet:

more than 95% electrical energy is converted into short wavelength infrared radiation;

4. Environment-friendly:

It's a kind of nonmetal pure natural  resistance elements generate no noise,magnetic pollution,static or open frlame,which has been approved by environment authentication and ROHS system;

5. Durable and secure use:

Carbon fiber is a high-tech material that fire-prrof,water-proof and quake-proof,with insulation strength as high as 3750V.It would not bubble or break off in long use and its service lie is more than 100,000hours.