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H.E.T - We provide you a warm world.

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Kapton heater,Polyimide heater with custom design,high heat efficiency.

Author:Ben Date:2012-12-19 9:54:54
 Etched foil Kapton,polyimide heaters in an unlimited range of sizes, shapes, and wattages,designed by Heat Expert Technology,

Have a very thin and lightweight design,say 0.005" thick  which allow close thermal contact for maximum heating efficiency and permits

close adapatation to the contours of the part.

These low thermal mass polyimide heaters,have a very quick response on heating up time.And the properities of the polyimide itself and its moisture resistant construction make those heating element preferable products in high humidity areas,wash down zones and in applications requiring repeated sterilization as well.

HEAT EXPERT TECHNOLOGY designes these heating elements with a distributed wattage,which can eliminate the edge loss compensation.

Superior heat transfer and exceptionally uniform heat output result in a faster warm-up cycle and longer life.

Polyimide has more than 40 years of proven performance as flexible material of choice in applications involving high(200°C,392°F) and low(-195°C,-319 °F) temperatures.

Pls contact us for more information about this Kapton heating element,polyimide heating element or polyimide heating film,kapton heating film.