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Mosquito Repeller

Mosquito Repeller
Product name:Mosquito Repeller
Price:0.82 usd/pc

Ultrasonic mosquito repeller is a product achieving the purpose of driving mosquito by imitating the pulse frequency of the mosquito's natural enemy-dragonfly or male mosquito.It has the advantage like nontoxicity,no chemical residual,is an ideal partner for your travelling,camping or any leisure time during summer season.

Generally,the principle for those nowadays widely used mosquito repeller,like mosquito incense,electric mosquito incense,liquid mosquito incense,is all based on the drugs of insecticidal pyrethrum,although its harmness is very less,but it's still can not be as green as the environment needed.

Our electronic ultrasonic mosquito killer,Useing a technology of acoustic resonance,specialized in emitting a low frequency pulse among which will make mosquito extremely upset & restless, so as to achieve the purpose of repelling mosquito,a decibel acoustic lower than 45 DB,no effect to human body or pets.

Also,this product is designed with a small light, make you more convenient when you need to light in the darkness by pressing the switch.

Continuous ultrasonic sound waves used in the oscillation time is about 400 hours, a small lamp can be used continuously for about 30 minutes.
Size: 55*35*15mm




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