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Silicone resin for mica rigid plate

Silicone resin for mica rigid plate
Product name:Silicone resin for mica rigid plate

High temperature resistant 、 Isolation 、 Climate resistant 、 Waterproof

Composition of SiRe-RIGID-2009

50% polysilaxones

50% toluene (methylbenzene)

Recommended Mixing Proportions:

•  40% of SiRe-RIGID-2009 

•  50% of toluene (methylbenzene)

•  9% of isopropyl alcohol

•  0.5% -- 1% of catalyst K-1

•  Mix SiRe-RIGID-2009 with Toluene; while isopropyl alcohol is mixed with K-1 separately. Then, mix the 2 together, evenly and thoroughly for at least 30mins.

Application process:

•  Mixture obtained should be tested prior to mass production usage for every batch manufactured.

The mixture obtained should cure / harden in 5-20 mins at 170 ℃ ± 2 ℃

E.g. A copper plate with a shallow hole, with heater below may be used for the test. However, the temperature should be maintained at 170 ℃ ± 2 ℃ during the test.

•  Having added the Catalyst K-1, the mixture must be used within 4hrs during summer, within 6hrs during winter.

•  During manufacturing process, temperature should about 250 ℃ . If the mica sheets separators (be it steel or fiberglass sheets) are too tightly bound together, it means that too high a pressure is used or the separators need to be recoated.

•  The percentage of silicones should be at 7-9% of the mica plate's weight. If the percentage is too high or too low, simply adjust usage of toluene for fine-tuning. No changes to other compositions.

•  Above steps are for purely recommendations, and in no way guaranteed by our company. Actual use should be adjusted to suit the manufacturing process and requirements accordingly.

SiRe-RIGID-2009 (Characteristic

Serial No





Light yellow and liquid


Content of Solid 105 /2h%

50% ± 1


Viscosity:25 No 4 cup(second)

13 Seconds ± 1


Manufacture curing Time

3 hrs – 4 hrs/250 %



Toluene / Isopropyl alcohol



0. 5 %---1 %


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